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New Citroen C-Zero
  • Distinctive design
  • Charges to 80% in 30 minutes
  • £4,500.00 Government EV grant
  • Space for 4 people
  • Spacious 166-litre boot
  • VED exempt and London Congestion charge exempt
Citroen C-Zero Latest Offers

C-Zero Overview

Introducing the Citroen C Zero, Citroen’s 100% electric car designed for urban environments.

The C Zero has advanced charging capabilities, allowing it to be charged from 0-80% in just 30 minutes at a charging station. And with ZERO CO2 emissions, the C Zero is not only VED exempt, but it’s London Congestion charge exempt too. The cost to charge the C Zero stands at around £1.40, and for that you get a 93-mile range. Inside, the C Zero is packed with advanced features, including Bluetooth, and you will be amazed at just how sweet it is to drive. Maximum torque is available from 0rpm, so the C Zero feels spritely when you bury the throttle, and in the back you’ll find room for 2 adults and a 166-litre boot to carry all your shopping. Book a test drive today to find out more.


Citroen C Zero
Citroen C Zero
Citroen C Zero

More Features

Citroen C Zero - Spritely Performance

Spritely performance

The Citroen C Zero weighs just 1,120kg and is powered by a 14.5 kWh 330 V lithium-ion battery, producing 196Nm of torque from 0rpm. This translates to strong acceleration at town speeds to help you nip through traffic.
Citroen C Zero - Plenty Of Range

Plenty of range

The Citroen C Zero charges super-fast, offering half battery capacity in a little over 20 minutes, yet it offers a good 93-mile range. That’s enough for urban driving, or for those of you who don’t make long journeys.
Citroen C Zero - Room For Everyone

Room for everyone

The Citroen C Zero may be a dinky vehicle, but it’s surprisingly spacious inside. There’s room for 2 adults in the back, and legroom and headroom is excellent, thanks to the C Zero’s boxy and chic dimensions.
Citroen C Zero - Room For The Shopping

Room for the shopping

The Citroen C Zero has a useful 166-litre boot, and up front there’s an addition 10-litres of storage space. The rear bench can also be folded flat, thanks to split folding seats, to reveal over 500-litres of luggage space.

C-Zero Colours

Citroen C Zero - Available In Antarctica White

Antarctica White

Citroen C Zero - Available In Pearl White

Pearl White

Citroen C Zero - Available In Cool Silver

Cool Silver

Citroen C Zero - Available In Black


The Register
Once the C-Zero is rolling a little it picks up fantastically. This makes it a great city car. The word “nippy” usually means “something less than fast”, but the low speed acceleration is great.
The Register
Car Buyer
The fully automatic transmission suits stop/start traffic, simply slot the shift lever into 'Drive' and away you go- in virtual silence.
Car Buyer
Auto Express
The tall roof provides a surprising amount of space in the cabin and the boot is big enough for a day's shopping.
Auto Express
New Citroen C Zero
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