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We stock a variety of quality car parts, and with multiple dealerships across Blackburn, Bury and Bolton, we’re sure to find the perfect part and accessory to suit any budget requirement.  When you buy from us you can do so knowing it’s been designed, engineered and guaranteed by the experts just for your car.  For your safety and peace of mind, we always recommend that only genuine parts and accessories are fitted to your vehicle.


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Here at BCC Cars, we have tyres available for all makes and models with a FREE tyre check included. We can guarantee your new tyres will be fitted within 30 minutes, and we’ll even include a hot beverage whilst you wait!

Our prices are competitive and, wherever possible, we’ll try to match the prices of local tyre dealers!

Tyres supplied and fitted at BCC Cars

Prices start from only


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Seasonal Checks

What does a Winter Health Check Include?


Our Winter Health Checks at BCC Cars include an inspection of your car battery, bulbs, windscreen wipers, oil levels and screen wash.


Why is a Winter Health Check so important for your car?


Not only is it getting darker, meaning you’ll need to ensure your lights are working so that other drivers can see your signals, but it’s also getting colder. With the drop in temperature, you’re more likely to power more things in your car, and the cold weather greatly affects your battery.

An increase in the rain means you’re wiping your windscreen more often and, with the additional muck on the road, you’ll also be using your windscreen wiper fluid. With the colder winter months, it’s important to ensure the fluids in your car are properly topped up - and that there is an equal amount of water and antifreeze to ensure it doesn’t freeze!

Oil is just as important for keeping your car going as petrol is, so it’s important to check your oil levels to prevent expensive engine damage repairs.

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