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Taking care of your Hyundai

When it comes to routine MOT and servicing, BCC Cars in Bury, Greater Manchester are dedicated to making sure you receive a swift, professional service.

At BCC Cars, our trained Hyundai technicians are on-hand to expertly assess and service your car, making sure to repair any faults and replace with genuine Hyundai parts where necessary. We are available to perform any recommended updates on your Hyundai without additional charges and can provide tips on how to achieve best possible performance, safety and fuel economy.

BCC Servicing starts from only £99. Find out more about Hyundai service plans, the benefits of servicing and additional services below.



Regardless of the age of your Hyundai, we believe that every owner should receive a high standard of service. At BCC Cars, owners with a Hyundai aged 5 years or older can choose from either a Base, Interim or Full Service with prices starting from just £99. Our customers can also be guaranteed that all work carried out is undertaken by trained Hyundai Technicians with genuine parts!

3 Levels of Core Servicing for Hyundai's aged 5 years or older


  1. Service Type


    Base Service

    From £99*

    Interim Service

    From £169*

    Full Service

    From £229*

    Addition of MOT

    + £40

    SUV supplement

    + £30


Base Service From £99*

Complete VHC, check all systems with GDS, reset service reminder system, replace engine oil and filter, inspect engine coolant specific gravity, check tyre pressures, inspect front and rear brake discs, inspect fluid leaks, lubricate locks and hinges, inspect cabin filter, road test vehicle, anti-perforation body check, wash and vacuum, complete SARA registration on ACE and inspect brake fluid, clutch fluid, parking brake, air conditioning, alternator oil hose and vacuum hose, fuel system, tank and lines, driveshafts and boots, front and rear wheel bearings and bolts/nuts on chassis and body.

Interim Service From £169*

In addition to all the base level checks, you will also get a replacement air cleaner, fuel filter, brake fluid and clutch fluid. We will also inspect the turbo/intercooler hoses, parking brake hose, drive belt and parking brake (adjusting where needed). We’ll also remove and rotate road wheels.

Full Service From £229*

In addition to all base and interim-level checks, you will benefit from replacement spark plugs, engine coolant, transfer box oil and transmission oil. We will also inspect your fuel filter and rear axle (4WD/ rear-wheel-drive models only).


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