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Congratulations to BCC Citroen Blackburn

Date Published: 20-11-2015

BCC Citroen Blackburn Bowling Club!

Due to such a fantastic performance in September by hitting 140% of the prescribed target, Steve Cox, Citroen Franchise Manager, authorised a night out for the sales team at BCC Citroen Blackburn as a well-deserved well done. On the recommendation of Phil Spence, who is a self-confessed 'professional Ten Pin bowler', it was decided that the team reward would be a night at Hollywood Bowl in Middlebrook, Bolton.
Everyone arrived keen and ready to impress Phil 'Double Turkey' Spence, except Matt Murphy who didn’t bother to look at the emailed itinerary that Lee painstakingly made, and made his own way to a Bowling complex in Burnley! Despite the delayed start and the jeers targeted towards Matt on his eventual arrival, everyone took up their places.

It's fair to say the standard of Bowling started low and continued to fall during the evening, with the highest point of athletic prowess being the rush to the buffet table in between the 2 games. The range of styles on display was phenomenal, stretching from Ryan 'master of the bumpers' throw and hope, to Becky's 'Prancing Pony' run up that was worthy of any interpretational dance competition. The debate of the night asked if the ball should be bowled with the thumb pointing towards or away from the pins, but was never conclusively answered as both methods often proved ineffective.

Despite this the competition hotted up with the late charge from John, resulting in a double strike before reverting back to only hitting pins to the left of the middle. Lee managed to masterly swerve the ball away from the pins just in time to prevent it hitting them, Diane 'power ball' Rolfe turned out to be an ironic name and Carols frustrations boiled over when she launched the ball so high it threatened to take out the TV's attached to the roof. Finally, Gary's quiet, controlled methodical approach served up absolutely nothing.

The eventual winner did prove controversial... as it was not Phil 'I'm really the winner as you all hit the bumpers and I hurt my thumb' Spence, but was the late corner, Matt 'Dark Horse' Murphy.

Fun was clearly had by all and we look forward to the inevitable re-match!

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