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An Interview with Former International Footballer, David McCreery | World Cup 2018 Predictions

World Cup Predictions!

An Interview with David McCreery

Former Northern Irish International Footballer who played professionally for Newcastle United, Manchester United and the World Cup of 1982 and 1986.
Last week, we were excited to speak with a friend of BCC Cars, David McCreery, to see what predictions he would have for the upcoming World Cup 2018 matches:

Match Predictions
18/06/2018 - England V Tunisia (2-0)
25/06/2018 - England V Panama (3-1)
28/06/2018 - England V Belgium (1-1) 

Q1. Who will win the cup this year?
I believe Argentina will win the World Cup 2018.
Q2. Who will be the top scorer? 
Probably Argentina's Sergio Augüero.
Q3. Who will be the surprise team at the World Cup 2018?
Q4. How far do you think England will progress at the World Cup 2018?
The semi-finals, hopefully.
Q5. Who will be England's stand out player at the World Cup 2018?
Harry Kayne.

Q6. Who do you think is the all-time greatest player at a World Cup?
Brazillian footballer Jairzinho from the World Cup of 1970 and 1974.
Q7. Which do you think was the greatest ever team at a World Cup?
Q8. What is your earliest World Cup memory?
Our first game against Yugoslavia in 1982. It was our first match in the World Cup against Yugoslavia and they showed us what to expect.
Q9. Which was the best venue you ever played at in the World Cup?
Vincente Calderon Stadium 1982 Quarter Finals.
Q10. What was your best and worst moment during the World Cup?
I think the best moment was when Gerry Armstrong scored our goal which beat Spain. The worst moment was when we had our player, Mal Donaghy, sent off which made it even more difficult at the time. But with the players we had and such a strong bond together we fought for each other for every ball and when the final whistle blew it was tears all round. We finished top of the group and sent us to play Austria then France. I think this would the proudest time of my life knowing all my family were watching at home along with millions of people around the world. 

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