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Relay Tipper

New Citroen Relay Tipper Offers

  • Single cab or crew cab
  • In-cab tipper remote
  • Maintenance-free tipping gear
  • Maintenance-free tipping gear
  • Up to 1,222kg payload capacity
  • A durable and robust workhorse

Citroen Relay Tipper Vans

Light Commercial Vehicle tippers like the Citroen Relay Ready to Run Tipper offer flexible means of carrying a variety of equipment and loads in an open body, making them an essential tool for many sections such as construction. A tipper can also discharge a bulk load at the rear.

Available in two versions, the Ready to Run Tipper comes as either the L2 Single Cab or L3 Crew Cab. The single cab models are equipped with a dual passenger seat as standard, while the Crew Cab variant is available with seating for the driver plus six passengers. The payload varies from 1,033kg* for the Crew Cab models and 1,222kg* for single cab models. 

BCC Citroen is proud to offer the Citroen Relay Tipper in their commercial van range. To book a test drive, enquire about offers, or to simply request a personalised video, please contact your local BCC Citroen Business Centre.


Citroen Vans Relay Tipper
Citroen Vans Relay Tipper
Citroen Vans Relay Tipper

More Features

Citroen Vans Relay Tipper - Payload Capacities

Payload capacities

The L2 Single Cab has a 1,222kg max payload capacity. The L3 Crew Cab has a 1,033kg max payload capacity. The reduced payload capacity of the latter is due to the additional weight of the crew cab.
Citroen Vans Relay Tipper - Strong Diesel Engine

Strong diesel engine

The 2.0 turbo-diesel engine is a strong and capable unit. It has lots of torque for effortless progress around town and on motorways. With start and stop technology, it also offers low running costs.
Citroen Vans Relay Tipper - Work On The Go

Work on the go

The Citroen Relay Ready to Run Tipper has an extendible writing panel built into the cab - perfect for purchase orders. Bluetooth connectivity is available, and all models have two USB ports to keep your devices charged.
Citroen Vans Relay Tipper - Transport 3 To 6 People

Transport 3 to 6 people

The L2 Single Cab has three seats up top. The L3 Crew Cab has two seats up top and an additional four independent seats in the back. So, if you have a large work crew, you can transport six in the L3 Crew Cab.
New Citroën Relay Tipper
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