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Regional MSA Annual Meeting at Citroen Blackburn

Date Published: 07-12-2015

On Monday 16th November, BCC Cars held the Regional MSA (Motor Schools Association) Annual General Meeting at Citroen Blackburn. The evening was hosted by Matt Murphy who helped run through all the variations of the Citroen range as well as the cost effective methods of purchasing a new Citroen on a specific Driving School programme.

The event was a great success and we would like to thank everyone for attending as well as a huge thank you to WaiteSavers, specialists in Alloygaters and on board vehicle front and rear facing cameras, who gave a talk and display of the latest technology followed by and in depth talk about the upcoming issues that the Driving School industry may face.

For more information on the Driving School programme, contact Matt Murphy at Citroen Blackburn on 01254 661 000.  

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